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Alas, the fountain of youth is yet to be found!

Until then we at Insula address visible signs of aging by understanding the key components that contribute to the aging face and choosing safe and effective combination treatments to address these for a beautiful, more youthful appearance.

Image by Mathew Schwartz


As we age the structure of our skull changes; a process called boney resorption. The eye sockets widen, cheeks and jaw diminish, and the structure is less supportive- leading to characteristic aging changes. We can address these changes by placing fillers precisely in the areas of boney loss to return to a more youthful shape. Learn more...


The transition from soft youthful cheeks to jowls and smile lines can be attributed to changes in the soft tissue fat pads of the face. Over time, our fat pads decrease in size and descend- creating under eye hallows, strong nasolabial folds, depleted mid faceand the dreaded jowls. An excellent option to address these changes is through biostimulators. These are specialized injections that signal to your body to repair and regenerate collagen and lost facial fullness. Learn more...



Several changes occur in our skin over time that contribute to facial aging.

  • Collagen production drops by 1% per year

  • Cell turnover slows, holding pigment and dead skin and contributing to wrinkles

  • The dermis thins and lengthens, becoming crepey and wrinkled

  • Loss of hyaluronic acid and elastin leads to dull tough skin

There are several options to address changes in the skin over time.

  • Energy based treatments like Ultherapy and Pixel8 firm and tighten

  • Pico laser treatments diminish pigment

  • Tox relaxes the muscle contractions that contribute to lines and wrinkles for a smoother complexion.

  • Medical grade skincare increases cell turnover and regenerates collagen

To determine the best treatment for you schedule a FREE consult with one of our skin experts.


If you would like to know what treatment will best suit your needs schedule a FREE consult to speak with one of our skincare experts.

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